how does
it work?

Each wheel & tyre of the vehicle has a sensor fixed (usually within the valve) to monitor the changes in pressure from the tyre. Tyre pressure sensors often also measure temperature. Each sensor sends its signal to the receiver inside the vehicle using a wireless connection. In Europe the transmission frequency is 433Mhz. If low pressure or a leak is detected (generally 25% less than normal operating pressure), the driver is alerted by the in-car system and generally the deflated tyre is identified.

Service Kits

Leaking valve? Service kits are kept in stock and able to be fitted same day.


We can scan all of your existing sensors checking battery life and condition.


We supply and fit sensors, including the T-Pro programmable sensor, which features over 95% car coverage.


A fully functioning TPMS is now a mandatory part of the MOT? If your TPMS light is showing on your dashboard, after fitting new wheels and tyres, this may be because you have not fitted the correct TPMS valves to your package.